New Year Message

     We entered to a new year with leaving behind bitter and sweet memories of the year 2011. Each  new year has been the beginning  of expectations and new hopes. The 2012 will also be a year with high hopes and expectations to our country and to our sector in terms of health informatics. In new year, we will meet  the new projects to be implemented  and  ongoing  of the Health Transofrmation Programme began in the year of 2003. Specially  recently came up changes in organization act with Decree-Law  with create significant change in our sector . Directorate General of Health Information Systems and Information  Processing Department of the Ministry of Health will attain a strong identity.

     We as employees of IT companies, we work much more in unity and solidarity with knowing our repsnsibilities in 2012. We will evaluate our  energy, time and potential effectively to move to more advanced leves of health sector in Turkey,  and to provide technological innovations to service providers and recipients. We will at doorstep at any time be in need of health institutions and wolve their problems professionally. Also in new year, we will win admiration of health institutions we serve, will make their expecation even higher and will raise our service quality even more.

     Acting with these feelings and thoughts, we have started to work from the first day of 2012 year. While our citizens have  entered the  year of 2012  in entertainment places or at home, we  have entred working with emergency medical teams, security and with government personnel who had to work. As of last month we have made new year shift away from our families in eight hospitals of five different provinces in while we won the right to serve. In early days of the new year  to avoid victimization of providers and receivers of health services, we have completed installations and trainings successfully.

     Hereby i celebrate your new year, wish you health and happiness of success

                                                                                   Mehmet Gazen
                                                                            Chairman of the Board

<< Geri