Denizli  Association of Public Hospitals, encouragement and achievement awards sponsored by Fonet Information Technology were presented to the winners. 

Achievement  And Encouragement Awards held by Denizli Asssociation of Public Hospitals were given to the winners  at a ceremony in Denizli Congress and Culture Center.

Results of the contest whose main purpose is to support an efficient, high quality health care services and to contribute to uncover the examples of good practices were announced on 18 June 2013.

Denizli State Hospital, which is one of the hospitals we serve, marked  the night  in  district and  Denizli hospitals, taking four awards of Achievement and Incentive Awards organized by the Association of Public Hospitals ceremony.  One of these awards is  "Grand Prize in the category of  Health Care Services"

Fonet  Information Tchnology is honored to be sponsoring this beautiful organization that contains social responsibility

The expected purposes and benefits of  Achievement  and Encouragement awards are,

To provide  a health worker’s participation in the activities that will be done for realization of Denizli State Hospital Association (KHB) objectives and strategies.


To support, encourage, promote and reward the studies done for  the criteria to reach the targeted level specified in Ouality Standards of Health and Directives on Efficiency Assesment.

Contribute to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of resource utilazation and service delivery in Denizli KHB.

To increase the number of exemplary and successful operations in Denizli KHB.

To help spread by promoting quality practices.

To contribute to the emergence of of successful examples of good practices. To appreciate the successes achieved.

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