FONET Human Resources works within our renewed, developed and the growing structure on evaluation of the right human resources at the right place, with appropriate training programs within the framewrork of right position and responsibilities.

Selection and placement process in FONET Information Technologies ; our vision and mission, is to include the most suitable candidates selected according to the features of the position to FONET Infomation Technology family in accordance with the key features to obejectives and corporate culture.Employees who are pursuing career in Fonet Information Technology can apply from;, from declared carrier sites, from face-to-face interview, and can do from different sources like suggestions of our business partner or company employees suggestions.

All applications are carefully analysed and recorded to Human Resources database. Although there is not an open staff at application time, all applications are reviewed routinely, if necessary will be invited for interviews, when needed applications of candidates are taken to review again. In the process of selection and placement , with the result of search in Human Resources datebase , the determination of candidates for needed candidates profile is done for wether they have required properties and suitability or not.

During applications, in accordance with requirements of the position, beside importance of education, experience and language skills, the personal characteristics and features observed in interviews plays an important role in the selection of candidate.

The first job interview of the candidates in database is performed by Human Resources. The candidates which have been found as having appropriate characteristics for the required position are invited for second interview. Second and when necassary the third interview of the candidate owned position is performed by the upper or two upper divisio manager. In both interviews, Job is offer to the candidate who has been found positive is made by the Department of Human Resources.

The Implementation of Orientation Program is started during they starting day of work to our valuable work colleague which will start for first time in the family of FONET INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.

The applications of the candidates who are not accepted to work in the result of interview is stored in database in order to evaluate for other positions when necassary. The information about the result of interview is given to the candidates by email, verbal or via post mail. Employees who are pursuing career in FONET Information Technology can do their applications from ik[@]fonetyazilim[dot]com or from Kariyer.Net
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