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As we enter the 23rd year of our activities, which we continued with enthusiasm and determination on the first day, our investments in R & D and innovation began to bear fruit. Java-based cloud architecture and our new software we developed in the PPP model city made with hospitals in Turkey was the most preferred product.

We are constantly updating our targets according to the innovations of our age with our achievements, the momentum and motivation we provide. In line with these objectives, we continue to develop existing solutions and produce new solutions from different perspectives.

As in the previous year, we aim to maintain our stability in the field of growth by strengthening our human resources, which is the most important factor in the success of these efforts.

In this period in which technology develops rapidly, innovative ideas come into prominence and technologies that touch human beings gain more importance, Fonet aims to develop and diversify the capabilities of our products by adapting these new technologies to our products. We see together the values ​​that the software and solutions developed with the recent “Machine Learning”, “Artificial Intelligence” and “Big Data and Analysis kat added to the companies. We are striving to develop and differentiate our services by taking steps to use these technologies in our solutions.

In addition to these technologies, we aim to contribute even more to our economy by accelerating our sector by providing added-value services. We desire to consolidate this target with our strong corporate partnerships with our corporate and strong technology partners.

Despite the economic developments in the second half of 2019, Fonet Information Technologies continued to grow and invest with its robust, reliable and dynamic financial power. This year, as in the previous year, it continues to work with the same stability by producing different projects, solutions and services.

Turkey, especially in the health sector in the PPP (Public Private Partnership) model made by large investments, was set up in Europe and even the world’s leading healthcare campuses. The point that our country has reached with these projects is a success that most overseas countries have not yet achieved, whether in the European countries where this model was developed. Fonet took part in these projects in 2019 with its solutions and technologies and had the chance to transfer its experience and knowledge to its stakeholders in the health sector.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all my colleagues and customers who have played a major role in our success and wish that we will have many successful years together.

Yours truly,