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FONET Academy

Fonet employees; Fonet Academy, which aims to improve technical and communication skills and to increase quality and service quality by organizing internal and external resources and trainings on current legislation and technologies, became operational in November 2017. Our employees passing through theoretical and practical trainings are expected to develop rapidly in the way of specialization in the sector.

Fonet Academy; It includes evaluating the training requests from inside and outside the company, making training plans and realizing the implementations. The trainings provided by Fonet Academy include field personnel and personnel working in all company units as well as other administrative and technical personnel, especially doctors and nurses working in the hospitals we serve.

In Fonet Academy, trainings are divided into two as theoretical and practical. The process which starts with the delivery of theoretical training is completed with the delivery of practical training. The theoretical and practical training plans of newly recruited personnel are determined on the basis of the number of participants. In 2017, the first training class was established for 10 newly hired employees, followed by the second training class for 7 newly hired employees.

In the trainings applied to the hospitals, doctors and nurses and other administrative and technical personnel working in the hospitals, planning is made according to the content and user roles. Collective trainings are given with user groups defined according to their roles by determining the number of participants. In the Practical Laboratories, one-to-one trainings are provided on computers installed according to the size of the hospital and the trainings are completed. 61 hours of theoretical training was provided by 569 people and 42 hours of practical training was attended by 356 people.