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FONET H2H (Hospital To Hospital)

H2H (Hospital To Hospital) is an inter-hospital integration system designed by our company that provides online monitoring of service procurement processes between hospitals and provides patient and financial information sharing to the foreseen extent.

For the H2H system developed by our R & D unit, the opinions of our hospitals were consulted and development processes were carried out by taking into consideration their demands and problems.

When H2H was developed, the most important points were the security of the system, being flexible and open to improvements, providing rapid communication and not causing additional cost to hospitals and successful results were obtained at these points.

H2H is a common product of the support of the hospitals we work with with the sectoral and technological knowledge, experience and experiences of FONET R & D unit.

What Does H2H Bring?

With FONET H2H, hospitals can work online not only with their own units but also with the units of the hospitals connected to the system within the framework of the prescribed rules.

For example, patients referred to other hospitals due to service procurement do not need to register at the hospital where they will go. H2H is able to register on the other hospital information system online, so patients can contact the relevant department directly and get faster service.

In addition, as H2H performs the registration procedures, the queues to be created in the corridors of the hospital in front of the registry units are prevented. H2H, experienced in service purchases; whether the patient has applied to the other hospital, and if the examination has been performed, the results and reports of these tests, and the follow-up of the financial situation with the other hospital solve many problems.