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FONET Hospital Information Management Systems

Many Health Institutions in our country have preferred Fonet’s health software solutions. FONET HIS; It is the Hospital Information Management System that provides access to administrative, medical and financial data required by Public Hospitals and Private Health Institutions from a single point, increases the efficiency of the organization and thus creates an easily manageable information integrity.

FONET HBYS meets all the information system needs of your organization with its high technology, reliable, flexible, manageable, fast and easy usage and advanced integration capability.

FONET HBYS user-friendly interfaces, simple and understandable screen design provides ease of use.

System can respond to changing user needs with its modular infrastructure in a very short time.

Thanks to the automatic backup feature that can be calibrated, it ensures that your data is secure against all kinds of system problems, fire and floods.

It can integrated with the call center and Help Desk. The integration of the related services can be made easily by using the parameters within the system. requested records

For hospitals with high patient numbers, Kiosk integration provides shortening of waiting times with patient and appointment procedures.

Thanks to Radiological Image Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), it supports the decision-making processes of our doctors by integrating with radiology devices of various brands.

All reports in FONET HIS can be grouped according to related criteria, report outputs can be designed and displayed graphically by the user and data can be transferred to external environments (Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, etc.).

By using SMS technology effectively, executive statistics summaries are notified to the mobile phones of the specified persons via SMS. Thanks to SMS integrations with FONET HIS, it can send information SMS to patients,their relatives and hospital staff. In case of abnormal situations on the system, the system admins can be informed by SMS.

Using the latest web technologies, examination results can be displayed and reported.

With HL7 support, data exchange with other databases can be made easily.

With H2H (Hospital To Hospital) system, patient information sharing between other health institutions can be done by using secure network. It provides full integration with both internal and external systems (Medula, Sağlık-NET, Tele Tıp, MHRS etc.).

The speed, reliability and practical use provided by the desktop application with XML technology works without compromising with our web application over the internet.

Our software with web and cloud technologies that we developed in RESTful architecture with Java EE is platform independent (Windows, Linux, macOs, Andorid, iOS ..) and database. Multi-language support.

FONET HIMS Features 

User-friendly, flexible, simple structure makes it easy to use.
with Oracle and Microsoft .Net, it is the pioneer in technology.
With its powerful software infrastructure, it responds quickly to changing needs and new technologies.
Prevents users from entering incomplete or incorrect information with mandatory data entry fields strengthened by business rules.
Provides statistics and reporting for all kinds of data in the information system.
It guides decision support units with administrator statistics.
Call center, SMS, Internet, Kiosk current technologies and can be integrated easly.
 Radiological Image Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) integration.
It improves the quality of service given to patients and personnel.
It supports the paperless hospital model with its structure, work flow management and customizable processes made according to hospitals.
Device Tracking and Technical Service Modules provide effective inventory management by monitoring and process management of medical and other devices in your hospital.
Prevents losses and leaks in medical processes with Inventory-Stock Module.
Provides 24/7 access to systems with secure VPN access.
Supports actual data standards (HL7, XML, etc.).
H2H (Hospital To Hospital) system provides integrated workflows with other health institutions and hospitals.
Fully compatible with external systems (Medula, Sağlık-Net, TeleMedicine, Mhrs, etc.).
Provides mobility with tablet and PDA support.

Medical Modules

Advisory Module
Patient Registration / Acceptance Module
Polyclinic Module
Clinical Module
Patient Hospitalization, Service Patient Monitoring and Check-out Module
Pharmacy Module
Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)
Radiology Information System (RIS)
Picture Archieve and Communication Systems (PACS)
Nursing Information System Module
Operating Room Module
Intensive Care Module
Emergency Module
Cancer Module
Dental Health Module
Prosthesis Laboratory Module
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Module
Hemodialysis Module
Pathology Module
Blood Sampling Module
Pharmacy Module
Family Planning Module
Pregnant School Module
Sterilization Module
Psychologist Module
Health Council Module
Diet Module
VTYS Module
Organ and Tissue Donation Module
Oncology Module
Authorization Module
Health-NET Module

Administrative and Financial Modules

Teller Module
Central Hospital Appointment System Module
Interactive Module
Human Resources / Payroll Module
Material Management Module
Purchasing  Module
Warehouse and Inventory Operations Module
Clinical Engineering Module
H2H Inter-Hospital Integration Module
Accounting Module
Invoice Module
Statistics and Reporting Operations Module
Medical Record and Archive Module
Device Tracking Module
Medical Device Calibration and Quality Control Module
SMS Module
Mobile Application Module
Quality Management Module
Quality Indicator Management Module
Productivity Scorecard Module
Executive Decision Support Module
City Hospitals Module
Technical Service Management Module
Central Computer Management Module
Fonet OPİZ Business Intelligence
Advisory Module
Appointment Module
Social Services Module
Home Health Care Module
Occupational Health and Safety Module
LCD / Display Information and Sequential Management Module
Kiosk Module
System and DBMS Management Module
Personnel Attendance Control Systems Module
Document Management System Module