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FONET Laboratory Information Systems

FONET LIS is an Information Management System software that can be integrated with different systems produced in the standards of the Ministry of Health.

With FONET LIS, the examinations requested from the clinical modules can be monitored and finalized on the relevant Laboratory screens. The LBS module works in integration with all medical laboratory devices that provide Lis support and provides the task of assistant to the user by following the device calibration results.

Thanks to its flexibility, simplicity and comprehensible structure that provides ease of use. With the help of its online features, the results of the examination of the patients in other institutions can be reached and the patients can receive their own results via the internet.

FONET LIS Features

Our FONET Laboratory Module integrates with all laboratory devices with LIS support.

FONET LIS supported by barcode output eliminates error and confusion.

All the patient’s test results are displayed on the screen with a single button.

Provides easy access to your patient’s previous assays.

In FONET LIS, your patient’s are grouped by normal values ​,gender, age and so on. If the normal value limits are exceeded, the user is warned by the up and down arrows.

Examinations can be prioritized urgent, priority and routine.

FONET LIS allows computational tests where the devices do not work, and the formula is defined and finalized.

Repeated request control and warning system is available.

Each Laboratory unit (Microbiology, Pathology, etc.) has an input screen for its unique results.

With FONET LIS, it is easier to keep track of laboratory stocks thanks to Material Recognition.

According to the sample types (serum, pleural mai, bos) of the examinations taken from the patients, separate barcodes can be extracted and studied in the laboratory. Automatic reflection of the desired requests according to the sample type is provided without users manual selection.

The safety of the results is ensured with Technician and Expert approval for laboratory requests.

Get your laboratory statistics quickly and easily.

You can now easily prepare your laboratory books from FONET LIS,

You can perform exam based approval and laboratory based approval in laboratory result validation.