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FONET Image Archiving and Communication Systems

Fonet PACS software; medical images received from devices to archive and the desired computer or web access to these images via software.

These images recorded in DICOM format were prepared in accordance with the tele radiology infrastructure. With Fonet PACS software, operations such as zooming, dosing and drawing can be performed easily on DICOM images. Thus, Fonet PACS software makes it easier to diagnose the patient. Images stored in DICOM format can be stored for a long time without losing image quality.


Current and past images of patients can be written to the patient CD. With the Fonet PACS software that is inserted into the CD, patient images can be opened on any computer independently of the database and operations such as drawing, dosing and zooming can be performed on it.

The comparison of the images of the patients taken at the same and different times can be performed. In this way, patients can be followed easily.

The purpose of Fonet PACS software is to receive images in devices in the DICOM format, archive and transmit them. In addition, by performing procedures on patient images by physicians, it is aimed to make diagnoses easier and reporting procedures to be performed in a shorter time. For this purpose, Fonet PACS software has been prepared in accordance with DICOM standards.