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FONET RS Features

Patient records and appointments; In the hospital, recording units, smart card systems, call center system, internet, SMS and Kiosk alternatives are made quickly and smoothly. Registration and appointment modules are designed to be easy-to-use and user-friendly screens in accordance with the right to physician selection.

Our Smart Patient Card Systems work with if mifare ”rfid cards and can automatically perform the some workflows by showing to the reader of the kioks or the related unit.

For the policlinic examination record, it may be sufficient for the relevant policlinic to scan the card using the reader.To make transactions over kioks or  perform the desired operation by scaning RFID card to the scanner as well.

All of the recording modules have been strengthened with business rules and online services (KPS, E-Pulse, Medula, etc.) that ensure the integrity and accuracy of information. Thus, accurate and qualified information to be used in processes such as Billing, Medula, E-Pulse, Decision Support Systems is obtained.

FONET Appointment Systems

Smart Card Systems
Call Center Systems