Provides the integrity of medical and financial information in an integrated environment which is needed to hospitals and to healthcare institutions providing laboratory services; easily accessible and manageable set of information systems.

FONET LIS - Laboratory Information Systems

FONET LIS is a system management software produced in the standards of Ministry of Health which can run with integration of different systems

With FONET LIS required tests from clinical modules are monitored and concluded from related laboratory screens. LIS works with integration of all devices that provides Lis support and provides task of an assistant to its user by following the calibration results of the device.

Provides ease of use through its flexibility, simplicity and understandable structure

Through its online features, it is possible to achieved the results of patients which has been sent for tests to other instiutions to which you sold the services and patients can have their results via internet.

With Fonet H2H features, possible to do exchange of informations with LlS modules of the hospitals with which you do integrate of work.


FONET LIS Features


Our Fonet Laboratory Module works integrated with all laboratory equipments that has LIS support.
FONET LIS which is supported by output of barcode, eliminates error and confusion.
Results of all tests of patient comes to your screen with one-touch use,
Easy access to the patients previous tests,
In FONET LIS the normal values of your patient is defined to sub-groups like gender, age etc. In terms of excess in normal value limit, the user is alerted with up and down arrows.
Tests are prioritised with emergency, priority and routine.
FONET LIS provides the conclusion of inoperative computational tests by defining the formula
Repeated prompt control and warning (alert) system is available,
Entry screen for each Laboratory units (Microbiology, Pathology...) for its own results is available.
The tracing of laboratory stocks through material recognition connected to tests can be easily done with FONET LIS.
Possible to work in laboratories by making separate barcodes according to the sample types (serum, pleural mai, bos) of samples taken from patients. The desired prompts are atuomatically takenn depending on the desired sample without leaving it to user choice.
Can have your laboratory statistics quickly and easily,
Now you can easily get your laboratory registers from FONET LIS.
In confirmation of laboratory test you can do test-based approval and laboratory based approval.
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