Technologic, managerial analysis of institution system together with location analysis with most appropriate and analysis of most appropriate use is made. In this way system of the highest yield will be subtracted.
Through issued system plane, Project implementation is planned with effective management of time, cost and technical processes.It includes definition of work (task),determination of the required labor force, labor force supply and employement.
In the implementation stage we act as a team representing our customers and their interests. In accordance with assignment of task the impelmentation begins. In coordination and supervision of project manager, the defined process will be systematically performed.
While we are fulfilling the targets agreed with you under the guarantee of professional ability, you will find the opportunity to focus on your core business arm.

While we convert the computing process to a tangible product with cooperation of our partners which are among the most qualified both in designing and producing market, you can set your goals on the basis of cost, performance and functions. Interoperability is the basic approach with the values keep in consideration at every stage of relationship we establish with our stakeholders.
CRM as an IT term, that identifies needed techniques, software and internetskills to manage an organization's customer relations in an orderly manner. In terms of business, is effective management of customer relation to create mutual and long-term value relationship.

Our CRM system gives access to systematic data registration, regular follow-up work to be done and had done and to follow-up corporate-coporate communication of our institution as online. All notices from our hospitals to our company is kept with date and time hour, and the duration time of return is followed, so that the organizational memory system is formed.

Has a special design that provides extremely easy adaptation without having a need of time for education and special teams support.
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